We do not recommend that you call before the prospect gets the physical booklet. 
If you do, you call as a stranger with no credibility (the purpose of the booklet is to give you credibility before the prospect gets your call).

However, if you are desperate to save the $1 or so by mailing a booklet to a bad address:


Call as soon as you get the lead, before you send the booklet.


When the person answers, you do NOT want to get involved in any substantial discussion before they receive the booklet.  The purpose of your call is simply to insure you have a correct mailing address.  You do not introduce your self or your firm:


“Hello, Mr. Jones? I was just calling to verify your mailing address.  You ordered some free information about retirement on the Internet.  Is the correct address I have 8888 Stuart street……….?

Great, I will place the booklet in the mail today.”