You cannot access your account while it is suspended.  Accounts are suspeded because we were unable to charge your credit card for leads already provided.

The inflexibility is not due to our desires or lack of wanting to assist you.  The entire system is automated.  It is run by computer.  We do not have a way to change how it works for 1 person or 10 people.  However, I will be able to access your account from here on Jan 15 so I can make changes for you if you do not have your new card.  Your account gets recati9vated shortly after we receive this form:


The reason accounts are suspended as soon as the card cannot be charged is because there are many people not as conscientious as you.  These are people who have very little credit or integrity and if we permitted their account to run and continue to supply leads, we would never collect. So unfortunately, we need to do the same for everyone.  There is a well-thought-out reason for everything we do, all focused on automation and minimizing the lead price for you.