1. you must log into your account on the
first and third Thursday of each month as making changes on
other dates is not possible.
2. the pause feature is available 30 days after your account
is activated. Then, once you press the pause button, it is
effective at 9pm pacific on the upcoming thursday
3. Yes, you can cancel the first and third Thursday or any
month even if the account is paused
4. to cancel, you log into your back office and click the
cancel link on the left. You can do that the first and
third Thursday of the month and it is effective immediately

You can pause your account for a total of 30 days every 12 months. You use the 30 days as you wish.

The 12 months starts from the day you activated your account.

The maximum pause is 30 days per 12 months. You can slow the leads down to a crawl through selection of a sparsely populated zip code area and low quantity prospect type but the only way other than pause to stop the leads completely is to cancel your account.