Call the prospect 48 to 72 hours AFTER you MAIL them the booklet via US mail.

If you call before them before you send the booklet, YOU ARE A STRANGER. People do not like to speak with strangers.

However, if they receive the booklet first, then they

see your face

see your name and credentials

potentially see your background (if they open the booklet)

Then when you call, you are no longer a stranger and will get a MUCH BETTER reception.

We do not recommend this:

If you are worried about potentially wasting the postage by mailing the booklet and later not being able to reach the prospect by phone (a silly thing to worry about), then

call when you first get the lead but say nothing more than:


“Hello, I am calling because you requested some information on the Internet about retirement issues and just need to verify a mailing address. I have 1212 Jones Stree…….”


If you get into any type of discussion on the call about the information, it will kill any chance of an appointment before they receive the booklet.

Before they receive the booklet, you have ZERO credibility.

When you call, If no one answers, then don’t mail the booklet until you get an answer, if you desire.
However, we still recommend mailing the booklet as some people are hard to get on the phone but always look at their mail.


From the consulting call, we have found this series of steps to get the maximum number of connects:



Please also read page 6 “Phone Number” In your Guide “How to Follow Up on Prospects.”


Never leave messages.


Yes to emails after following the steps on the above slide.

In your back office, click on “How to Follow UP” and you will find the emails when you scroll down on that page.