Please note the agreement you signed which fully disclosed the process. 



We want to avoid any additional charges for you. Once we turn the account over to collections, we have nothing to do with it and you will not be able to pay us.
The collection firm adds legally permitted fees and interest. We explain this to avoid for you any further costs.  So as an example, if you owe us $209 for lead already provided

and we turn this over to collections for non-payment, they may send you a bill for $309.  If you try at that time to pay us, it is too late.  We cannot accept payment and you need to settle with the collection firm directly.


One additional item to note to avoid you any additional issues. The issue of non-payment being reported on your credit record is especially problematic for insurance licensees.
The companies to which you are appointed regularly check your credit record annually. And if you apply for a new appointment, the insurer does a credit check at that time. It is not uncommon for appointments to be canceled or declined for such items on credit reports. This is explained to you for your benefit so that you understand the process completely and can act accordingly.