We do not know if any rep has or has not submitted our materials to your firm for review.  We have no way to gather than information or have reason to do so.

If we release the identity of reps using our service and it turns out they did not submit materials and they should have, we could possibly get them in trouble, maybe even fired.


It is our position that every rep fully comply with their firm’s rules but some fail to do so. We do not condone that behavior and as stated in our original agreement:



Your participation in this service does not require compliance approval and refunds for compliance issues are not granted.

If you plan to use the materials we supply to respond to these prospects, you should make sure that your compliance department has approved their use before you use them. We supply the source file of our booklets and you may make any changes that your compliance department requires. However, you do not need to use our materials to fulfill these requests, and you should use your firm's materials if your compliance department typically declines use of outside materials. Initial ______


This is matter we stay out of as we do not get involved in compliance issues at the firm level and do not disclose identities of our system users without their permission.  Very sorry – please out yourself in our shoes.  We are an Internet publishing/advertising service and not involved in another industry’s compliance matters.