Here is what we tell the advisors on the consulting call (if they ask, otherwise, we do not mention this as it is unimportant:)

“we know that 90% of the people who receive the booklet do not read it. The purpose of sending the booklet is to have them form a favorable impression about you. The prospect will get the booklet, look at the front cover and look at the back cover, they will see your name and nice photo and your credentials and think to themselves, “Wow, this person must be an expert in their field as this is a really advanced looking booklet on this financial topic. I will read this as soon as I get a chance.” They put the booklet on the kitchen counter. However, if you call within 24 hours, they put together your call and having received the booklet. However, never ever ask

“Did you receive the booklet?” or

“Did you read it?”

You will not see these questions in the guide “How to Follow Up on Your Prospects” because these questions will not get your conversation going in the right direction.