Option A - accounts defined with central zip code and radius setting

Note that the 10 mile limitation is for the first 2 weeks. Contact us for a larger radius thereafter.
Don't increase it by some huge amount. For example, increase from 10 miles to 20 miles one week. Then the next week from 20 to 30 miles. Why? Do you want to get flooded with leads and pay for all of them?
So increase your radius slowly.

Note that if you want to increase your radius beyond an area with more than 400,000 population, then there will be no daily cap on your account. You will receive all of the leads we receive. You can see the population for any radius here: https://seniorleads.com/zip-code-search/

There is a limit to option B – you select individual zip codes

all zip codes most be in a 50 mile radius.

Let me explain the logic here

In the first case, (the radius), we do not want the advisor to get inundated with leads so we don’t allow them to take more than 10 miles to start. However, once they see the lead flow, if they want a bigger area. That is fine.

A second example would be someone that is the owner of an agency who wants to buy leads for say, a whole state. Again, after the first 2 weeks, a big radius is fine.

For option B, we do not allow an unlimited radius at any time because many advisors have 2 offices – say one in NY and one in Florida. We won’t allow them to take zip codes for both offices in one account. They need to pay the $299 registration for a 2nd account.