Less than 2% of our clients need phone support.  They use the ticket system in your back office.

So we have eliminated phone support in order to keep your lead costs down.

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Why We Handle Client Service by Support System
and Not by Phone


Problem with Using the Phone

How Email Solves

People may mishear or misinterpret what they hear.

Email is a permanent documentation that can be referred to.  There is no "but I was told that….."

We needed 200% more labor in client services when we accepted calls, prior to 2012.

We eliminated phone support and did not have to raise prices

Some people repeat themselves, talk and talk endlessly and convert what would be a 60-second email into a half-hour call

Saves time for all parties.

Only audio, cannot demonstrate

With email, we can insert graphics and short movies to SHOW you how to address an issue

Consumers need to be hand-held and coddled and so you need to use the phone a lot in YOUR business

We deal only with professionals in OUR business and professionals don't  need emotionally-based contact

You call us, get our voice mail, then we call you and get your voice mail, then you call us back and….

Saves time for all parties and eliminates frustrating phone tag

Both parties must be available at the same time

Emails can be sent 24/7 and parties do not need to connect at the same time

People tend to be imprecise when speaking

Writing requires greater precision, specificity and clarity for all parties

Typically, you contact customer service at a company and you speak to some low-level person who is either not trained or cannot assist you

By using email and reducing the staff we need, you are served by very well-trained people

The phone was invented in 1860. After 150 years, there are MUCH better ways to communicate

Email and texting are far more efficient and that's why so many people use these modern ways of communicating