I do however speak with some advisors in high population areas that ONLY want 5-10 miles.  This may take some explaining so they understand what's in their best interest.

always explain to advisors--no matter what radius they select, on activation our software will chop down the radius to an area with 400,000 population. This

plus, the software limit of 5 leads per day

plus, we will cut your radius in half if you get more than 5 leads in 5 days (support ticket to client services required)

prevents the advisor from getting inundated with leads

in the case of an advisor in manhattan, I understand he does not want a 10 mile radius.  However, no matter what radius he selects, at activation, our software will limit them to maybe 2-4 zip codes, likely a radius of 1 mile because of 400,000 population limit