We give you a strategy to turn these people into appointments. We do this on the consulting call (which you can listen to again - recording in the back office on left "attend a consulting call") and we do so in your guide "How to Follow Up On Prospects," page 19. So expect a noticeable portion (typically 20% to 30% of leads) to say they do not recall or even insist that they did not order the information.

Why does this happen? Because people are busy. It is unrealistic to expect somebody to remember filling out a 30-second form on the Internet two days ago.   What did you have for lunch two days ago? Can you recall?

It is quite reasonable that people cannot recall something insignificant.  The details about your new annuity or managed account or life insurance policy are never a priority for any prospect. They actually have things in their life that are more pressing at any moment.  This is a useful perspective to have so that you understand how the world looks from the mind of your prospect.

If you question the legitimacy of any lead we provide you, we have proof that every lead is legitimate.

We use a service Active Prospect that takes a snapshot of the consumer completing the online form.  If you want that proof, select any 3 prospects we have sent you and we will provide those snapshots. Create a support ticket at https://seniorleads.com/help and provide the 3 prospect email addresses.