We have had prospects forget making their request since we started this service back in 2002. How does this happen?

Put yourself in the prospect's shoes. You are a person on the Internet, surfing around, just browsing for items that interest you. During a 2-hour session, you fill out a form for a booklet that explains how to putt better on the green, you complete a review on yelp about a restaurant you dined at, you complete a questionnaire in order to get a free debit card with $25, you complete some information and click to get a booklet on annuities and you empty the 40 items in your email. An hour later, you can only recall 40% of what you did during your 2-hour session on the web. That is reality and to think that someone recalls filling in a form, something people do everyday, is not reality.
Please see the related topic on how to address these people who forget and get appointments.

Here are 2 videos that will show you why and how this can happen and fortunately, it happens in only a few percent of all of the leads we generate.

This video is in your back office and we asked that you review it in your review of the back office:

Here is an additional video that shows you a particular type of site where it is possible for a person who is unfortunately not very bright to get confused:
http://www.screencast.com/t/Jtvi5KFZ. We have not yet figured out a method to screen out people who are not bright.

Again, the system will never provide a high percent of perfect leads.  The design is to get 1 or 2 appointments from every 10 prospects and the business you do will pay for the leads 10 times over.

Every lead is legitimate and we have proof.

We use a service Active Prospect that takes a snapshot of the consumer completing the online form.  If you want that proof, select any 3 prospects we have sent you and we will provide those snapshots. Create a support ticket at https://seniorleads.com/help and provide the 3 prospect email addresses.