An advisor sent us the following results. He received a total of 27 leads and 9 of them were credited (that is high - our overall credit rate is 11%)


27 prospects less 9 that had bad data = 18 remaining

Of 18, 4 say they did not request the booklet (we spend time on that issue in the consulting call and also provide the verbiage in the guide "How to Follow Up On Your Prospects" - you may want to listen again to the consulting call at    22% is about typical that say that because they forgot.  You can see our exact ads and why some people can forget.

Less 4 leads you got today so you don't know what will happen

That leaves 10 of which 3 said no interest (about right--happens 30% of the time)


So far, there is nothing out of the ordinary given that you have received a relatively small number of leads.  These 2 items will help you:

Please read item #4 in this guide.

And listen to Darren (an advisor who provided his tips for success)


Darren S. and Travas S. (The Annuity Guys) (Boise, ID) - Don't give up. They're building a list of prospects using the SeniorLeads service.

> Don’t make any judgments until 25 leads ->



The typical result is to get 2 appointments right away from every 10-15 leads. You will get more appointments if you drip on the other prospects.