You may not rely on this as legal advice and this is not legal advice.  Please consult with your own counsel regarding matters of compliance and your firm's rules.

There are two issues regarding the do not call list:

1) Even if someone is on the do not call list, you may call them as they have made a request for information. Please see this link of exceptions to the DNC rule  

A person may still receive calls from a company up to 31 day after submitting an application or inquiry to that company, unless the company is specifically asked not to call. 

2) This second issue is totally separate. Each firm (BD or captive insurance company) has their own rules about who you may and may not call. Each firm MAKES UP their own rules. The Federal rules, the actual law, is indicated in item number 1 above and everything we do is in compliance with that. As to your firm's rules, these are arbitrary and designed for your firm's own convenience and Seniorleads cannot address them or advise you what to do about them as these rules are not consistent from firm to firm. Note that we disclose this in the agreement you signed before we ever charge you in the paragraph on compliance:

If your firm's rules are in conflict with our service, we are very sorry that you did not check this before you started. We would have no way to know that as there are 2000 broker-dealers, each who make up their own rules which may or may not be consistent with the law. We also serve advisors who choose not to follow their firm's rules (we do not recommend that) and that is why there may be others from your firm using our service. You may cancel your account exactly as specified in the agreement if you now realize you may have a compliance issue.