We warn on the consulting call and in our guide “How to Follow Up On Prospects” that some prospects will say they did not request the information.
We explain why this happens and how to work with these prospects.

The only leads we pass along are 100% legitimate and authentic and every prospect has requested the information (it IS possible that a relative or friend could have entered the prospect's information but we have no way to verify that and it likely happens less than .001% of the time).

So how does this happen that prospect says they did not order the information?


1. They forget they made the request 

2. They visited a site like this and then were confused (short video: http://www.screencast.com/t/Jtvi5KFZ )

3. It’s a good thing to say to get you off the phone (often because you do not follow our method of starting the call)

So unfortunately we cannot credit or replace leads based on what the prospects says.