We are able to guarantee each lead to have a valid name, a valid phone number and valid delivery address.

We cannot guarantee the leads for any other aspect and we make sure and fully disclose that (here is the paragraph “Our Guarantees” from your agreement)

Our Guarantees

While we do not have details about net worth, investment motivation, or age of each prospect, we advertise to secure mature prospects that most advisors would find to be desirable investors and insurance buyers. You acknowledge that some prospects will be more desirable than others and some will be more motivated than others. SeniorLeads CANNOT guarantee that prospects provided will result in sales, new clients, or any other desired outcome. SeniorLeads GUARANTEES that every prospect will have a valid name, working phone number, and deliverable postal address or we will provide a replacement. To obtain a replacement prospect, which is also covered under the SAME guarantee, you must notify us within 30 days of receiving a prospect that does not meet the above guarantee. You must use the online credit request system to make your replacement requests. You agree that all prospects for which you do not request replacement do in fact meet the guarantee, and that all prospects meeting the guarantee are satisfactory. You further acknowledge that receipt of each prospect into your SeniorLeads account constitutes "use" of said prospect. Cash refunds are not granted for any reason, and you must have an active account to receive credits. For undeliverable postal addresses, Client Services requires proof of returned mail via fax or scan. To receive credit for prospects, you agree to attend a consulting call within the next 7 days to learn how to contact your prospects most effectively. Initial ______

Every lead we pass along has requested the information, regardless of what the prospect says.

We know that some prospects forget and others confuse themselves.

You can see the different types of ads we run here which are straight forward: http://www.seniorleads.com/prospecting-video.html

For this reason, we make sure to cover this response and how to handle it

In the guide “How to Follow up On Your Prospects” page 19

And on the consulting call

So unfortunately, we cannot replace any leads for reasons other than you see in the attached.