When you have an advisor or agent to refer, contact your sales consultant.  That way, he can assist the person you refer and make sure that you get the 5 free leads when the referred advisor enrolls.

Three Ways to Get Matched with Prospects from the SeniorLeads System at no cost!

  1. Refer us to the people who make overrides on your production—the regional or national sales director or marketing director of your BD, the sales manager or marketing manager of your insurance field marketing organization(s) or any manager that has influence over 100 or more producers. If we sign an alliance agreement with them, we will give you free leads. Call your representative at SeniorLeads for details (your rep's name and number are listed in the lower right hand corner of this page).

  2. Refer us to another financial advisor—if they enroll, you get the next 5 leads in your account at no cost.

  3. Allow us to record your audio comments and use on our website (samples here). You get the next 5 leads in your account at no cost.

Because you can refer over and over again (additional colleagues or managers), you may not pay for leads for months! Hope to hear from you soon.