Please see the section in your back office, on the left 

The most important aspects:

1) you do NOT need to use our booklets
2) FINRA rules and your BD rules may not coincide

3) there are 2000 BDs in the US and they make up their own rules and SeniorLeads does not have knowledge of these or attempt to track 2000 different sets of requirements

There are 2 levels of compliance issues.

First are FINRA rules. Most of our booklets have been submitted for FINRA review and you can find these review letters in the back office under “FINRA/Compliance.” If any booklet does not have a review letter, your BD can submit the booklet to FINRA for review and we will be happy to pay the review fee upon receipt of the review letter.

The other level of compliance is rules created by your BD. Each BD creates its own rules. There are over 2000 broker-dealers in the US and each has its own compliance rules. We have no way to know these rules or track them. We have no idea if other reps at your firm using SeniorLeads have submitted the booklets to your compliance department. This is not a matter that involves us.

We state in our agreement 9the one you signed prior to us activating your account:


Your participation in this service does not require compliance approval and refunds for compliance issues are not granted.

If you plan to use the materials we supply to respond to these prospects, you should make sure that your compliance department has approved their use before you use them. We supply the source file of our booklets and you may make any changes that your compliance department requires. However, you do not need to use our materials to fulfill these requests, and you should use your firm's materials if your compliance department typically declines use of outside materials. Initial ______

We do not always know which BD is being used by a rep who uses the SeniorLeads system. We do not require any rep using the SeniorLeads system to tell us his BD, although some do. We do not always collect or store this information in our database and cannot sort by BD. Therefore, we do not have a list of reps using our system with each BD. This is not an issue for us here at SeniorLeads as compliance is a matter for each rep and their BD.

We allow you to download our booklets in MS Word format and make any modifications your BD requires. We are sorry that we cannot be of greater assistance with this issue.