We cover this issue on pages 19-21 of How to Follow Up on Your Prospects and on this video "How to Open the Call With Your Prospect" at https://seniorleads.com/training

Every request for the booklet is legitimately placed by the prospect or someone that made the request on their behalf (e.g. son? daughter?)

In every case we gather the complete information entered by the prospect plus:

1) the IP address of the request

2) the time of the request

3) a screen recording or snapshot of the prospect completing the form by a third party ActiveProspect

What is an IP address?

Typically, the information returned will include the name, address, and phone number of the ISP. In the case of attempts to determine location, the information is at best an approximation and either represents the location of the ISP’s headquarters or the location of one of the ISP’s distribution points.

In a practical sense, it is never the location of the actual person who’s using that IP address.

While it is not possible to determine the exact location of a person on the Internet, you can always compare the IP address location and their physical location and they should be pretty close (within 50 miles and in rural areas, within 100 miles)  When you see that the 2 addresses (the IP address and the address of a person visiting a web site) are close, it tells you that it is legitimate.  It is somewhat difficult to "fake" the IP address and make it appear that a person physically in Ocala Florida visited a web site while near Phoenix Arizona.

So why does a prospect say they did not order the information?

1) they forgot (people who order items on the Internet tend to fill out lots of items of interest and easily forget any one of them)

2) they were confused - they visited a site that had several offers and clicked the wrong button, example here (note--our offer does not appear on many sites like this and we do not select these sites--they come in a packge we buy from a publishing network)

3) they want to get rid of you

We cover this issue on pages 19-21 of How to Follow Up on Your Prospects