The agreement signed by ever advisor or agent using Seniorleads discloses the policy below.  You signed this agreement:

We charge your credit card for the prospects we provide to you. Upon registration and activation, you will be charged $299 plus a per prospect amount for each prospect assigned at registration. As of Sept 25 2021, billing works as follows (subject to change):

when you register, you pay $299 plus prepay for your first 20 leads ($299 plus 20x 29) = $879

We then place your ads and your leads begin. Once we deliver the 20 leads (could take a few days or several days as we cannot control how fast consumers respond, see ), we then bill your card for the next 10 leads.  Each time your leads have been delivered and your prepaid amount with Seniorleads = $0, the software charges your card again for the next 10 leads

In the spirit of full disclosure (you signed and agreed to this when you opened your account)