1. Once you receive the lead (DO NOT depend on receiving these by email as email is imperfect - check your back office frequently for new leads)

2. Mail the booklet the same day as you get the lead

note --you may want to send the autosend feature on inside your Senior Leads account to send an "ebooklet" as soon as the lead comes into your account.  but ALWAYS send the physical booklet.  if you reply on just the ebooklet, the system will fail.

3. Practice the follow-up script found in your Guide, "How to Follow Up On Your prospects."  Practice with someone to be in the habit of asking questions rather than talking

4. Within 48 to 72 hours after you mail the booklet, call the prospect and uncover their motivation

tip--you MUST uncover the prospect's motivations for wanting information about the topic before they will set an appointment

5. If you do not set an appointment either decide that

  • the prospect is not worth pursuing OR
  • ALWAYS set the next action with the prospect

NEVER leave a conversation open-ended such as "I will check back with you..."  better: "I will call you back on Friday afternoon at 2 pm and have that information for you...."