Every lead is legitimate and we have proof.

We use a service Active Prospect that takes a snapshot of the consumer completing the online form.

You can read about that service here https://activeprospect.com/trustedform/

If you want proof that leads are legitimate, select any 3 prospects we have sent you and we will provide those snapshots. Create a support ticket at https://seniorleads.com/help and provide the 3 prospect email addresses  (It takes 10 minutes to retrieve each snapshot or video so that is why we ask that you select any 3 at random as retrieving more than 3 at a time would consume a huge amount of time).

We have documentation on this issue of prospects who do not recall completing the online form in both the prospecting guide and the back office.

Here are those resources:


Page 21

In the back office of advisors account:

  • Here are the ads we run on other sites through advertising networks: Short video, turn speakers on

  • If you ever have a prospect say “they clicked by mistake,” not possible as you can see in this: Short video of opt-in process

Bottom online: if you line up 100 people, 95 cannot recall any forms that they filled out on the Internet 2 days ago or what they had for lunch 2 days ago.  

That is why our guide explains the exact script to use and NOT to refer to the prospect ordering a booklet as they will not recall.  

Believe it or not, people have a dozen things on their minds and some form they completed on the Internet 48 hours ago is not one of them. 

Of course, the financial professional, who thinks only about HIS annuity or HIS life insurance policy cannot understand why this is not also a priority for the prospect. Therefore, the financial professional cannot understand how a prospect says "I do not recall ordering any information," as so many advisors and agents can see the world only from their point of view.  However these snapshots we get from Active Prospect indicate a time and date and time stamp for every prospect and provide proof of each lead's authenticity.