We do not do replacements of leads because the person is registered on the DNC list.  Here's why.
The DNC rules state that if the consumer makes a request and provides their phone number, you can then call that consumer.
Calls to consumers who have given their written permission to receive telemarketing calls: Sellers and telemarketers are allowed to call a consumer who has given his or her express agreement to receive calls, even if the consumer's number is in the National Do Not Call Registry.
Note: we are not attorneys and this is not legal advice.  Please contact your own legal counsel on this matter.

As stated in the written agreement you signed, we give replacements of leads for the following reasons below.  Note that we did NOT include being on the DNC list as a reason that we provide a replacement lead.  The reasons for lead replacement we provide our agreement in writing and have you read and sign is to eliminate any ambiguity or misunderstanding. 

Seniorleads GUARANTEES that every prospect will have a valid name, working phone number, and deliverable postal address or we will provide a replacement.