What's the most # leads per day I can get?

The software is set with a daily cap of 5 leads.  You can remove that cap (log into your Seniorleads account and on the left see "daily cap)."

however, this does not mean you will get 5 leads per day and 

if you remove that cap, you may not get more leads.

we don't how many leads you will get because we place your ads and then, the number of leads you get depends on
--the number of lead types you select

--the radius or number of zip codes you select

--the population in your selected area
--the time of year

Even if you tell us those items, we have no way to estimate the lead flow.

For example, we can place an ad on Facebook one day and it generates 2 leads.  The same ad on a different day generates 10 leads. Why? We do not know because we do not control the advertising sources or their algorithms.

You will determine your lead flow as described in the video "How to control your lead flow" at https://seniorleadas.com/training. The controls are in your Seniorleads account.  Log in and on the left, you will see "how to control your lead flow." 

We recommend to start all accounts with a 10-mile radius.  Most accounts like that get 1 to 2 leads per day.  
Of course, as we said, we cannot tell you the number of leads you will get and you will adjust your account as you desire.  Then, if you want to increase the lead flow, you can increase your geography or lead types the 1st or 3rd Thursday of the month and you can remove the cap of 5 leads per day (but you cannot do that to start).

We can even increase your radius beyond 50 miles.  Please complete this online form:  https://seniorleads.com/increase-radius/