A bill for unpaid leads will be sent to advisors due to the following scenario:

1. Seniorleads pays for your leads in 2-week intervals. We have already paid for advisor's leads for a two week period until the next 1st or 3rd Thursday

2. In the middle of the 2-week period, the advisor's remaining lead count hits zero and the software attempts to charge the advisor's credit card for the next 10 leads.

This is explained in the agreement signed by every advisor here https://seniorleads.com/agreement. By signing the agreement, the advisor agrees to these aspects of the service and has told us to go ahead and place the order for his leads.

3. The charge to the credit card failed during the 2-week period (in between the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month).

4. Since we had already paid for leads on the advisor's behalf until the 1st or 3rd Thursday, the advisor is indebted to us for those leads as he ordered these leads from us by signing the agreement (had the advisor not signed the agreement, we would never have committed our funds to buy leads for the next 2 weeks).

5. As a result, our software sends the advisor a bill for all unpaid leads from the time we could not charge the advisor's credit card until the next 1st or 3rd Thursday. 

You may complete and return the following document to settle any outstanding balances: https://seniorleads.com/credit-card-change