Every account must have either retirees or pre-retirees as a selected prospect type.

There are many consumers who want financial information and assistance that do not think in terms of “products” or “services” such as rollovers or annuities.

That is the way advisors think, not how consumers think.

Most consumers think of the world in terms of their own concerns, such as retirement and pre-retirement preparation (how much money will I need, what are safe ways to invest my money, how can I earn a better return?)

So we have one of those categories as being required because the average person has never even heard of "annuities" or "managed accounts"

There is no way on the Internet to ascertain age.  And if you ask the age of the consumer. more than 50% of consumers lie. So we use the methods below to get leads from the right people.

By wording the ad correctly (and specifying a target age when possible on platforms such as Facebook and other ad platforms which offer age targeting ) , we have had great experience in getting pre-retirees age 50+ to respond to the pre-retiree advertisement and people age 65+ to respond to the retiree advertisement.  Our wording and ad design make the ad/offer uninteresting to younger people.  So the combination of how we create the ads (message/images/offer) and the age targeting available on many Internet ad platforms have resulted in a very high percent of the leads matching the targeted ages.