we have a restored feature in the admin portal in seniorleads

1. as always, we can credit a lead.  When a lead is credited, two things happen.a. it is removed from the advisors accountb. since the advisor has paid in advance for leads, the advisor will get a free replacement leadc. the lead is marked "invalid" and will never be assigned to any other advisor

2. we have a different option to "unassign" a lead. YOU WILL ALmost NEVER USE THIS option.  When you unassign a leada. the lead is removed from the advisors' accountb. the advisor does not get a credit.  If any credit is due advisor, it needs to be processed manuallyc. the lead is made available to other advisors

Here is a situation where unassign can be used:we recently had an advisor where his account was not registered correctly.  

  • He wanted leads from specific zip codes.  
  • Instead, he was getting leads from ALL zip codes within a 10-mile radius
  • he has been charged $xxx for leads outside of his specific zip codes and he was credited manually by LisaI 
  • I then needed to remove these leads from his account with the unassign feature