Exact wording from our guarantee " prospects which meet your criteria are assigned to you exclusively for the lead types you have selected." Note the underlined section.

There is a situation which occurs 1% of the time.

Advisor A has selected lead types ROL, ANN and PAT in zip code 99999

Advisor B has selected different lead types SEV, RET and LTC in zip code 99999

A prospect enters the database and has requested booklets for ANN and LTC

The ANN request will go to Advisor A.  The system will also attempt to assign the LTC request to advisor A, but Advisor A has not requested LTC leads.

The system will look for an advisor who wants LTC leads in zip 99999 and assign the LTC lead to Advisor B.

Because the prospect has requested two different lead types, and Advisor A is willing to take only one of the lead types (Ann), the system will attempt to serve the prospect with another advisor who is willing to serve the request for LTC (Advisor B).