In your account, you will find both of these terms "credits" and "prospects remaining"

Prospects Remaining
Prospects remaining is a count of prospects prepaid by the advisor through the billing system.
For example, when you register, you get 10 prospects assigned so you have 10 "prospects remaining"
Each time we assign a prospect to the advisor, prospects remaining is reduced by 1.

Each time the advisors “prospects remaining = 0”, he is billed for 10 prospects (either $320 or $350 depending on option A or B in his account) to replenish his account


Credits are provided to replace leads that do not meet the lead guarantee.
Credits are provided by the administrator at Seniorleads.
When credits are added to the account, the credits available is increased and there is no impact on prospects remaining. 

When an advisor is assigned a prospect in the normal function of the software, the software will first use a credit that has been granted, if available, before using “prospects remaining”